In view of increasing complexity of virus attacks that threaten your important data, destroy information, or even damage your network, a reliable virus protection is essential for your business. Via your OctoGate web interface we provide you the local virus scanner OctoScan for the Windows PC.

For administrators, the centralised management of OctoScan is important. In small companies, this is not that essential, but with as few as five staff a centralised management is already worthwhile. With the company size, the demand on functions increases, to be able to distribute the administrative burden on several administrators. Also client PCs and their administration are often outsourced to external companies, who have their own access to the management of anti-virus software.

The administrative function has to be able to distribute remotely and update antivirus software. Furthermore it should also be able to centrally collect its alarms. In addition, companies also need features to manage granular security policies, so that the system administrator can assign them to individual groups or departments, according to the requirements. All these functions are offered with the OctoGate-Firewall integrated into one device only.