Content Filter

Private surfing at work costs the German economy several billions of Euros annually. Altogether 40% of the internet usage is work relevant. Nearly 70% of all hits on erotic providers occur during the hours of 9:00h to 17:00h. The misuse of the internet use at work causes the second most security incidents, only to be surpassed by viruses.

Many companies do not use any web or URL filter, either out of fear for the working atmosphere, by legal uncertainty or missing or unclear user agreements or simply because of low budgets. You should no longer take this risk.

OctoGate provides companies with the content filter, a solution where the benefits are obvious:

  • Provision of approx. 60 million URL.
  • Daily automatic updates.
  • Storage in an integrated SQL database.
  • Simple selection from 24 available categories.

Focus Theme

The categories include on the themes summarised lists of the URL, which can be used in the WebGUI to lock or unlock access to the websites. These are complemented by manually defined black and white lists.

Consequently you will receive an easy-to-operate solution to filter or release contents sorted by themes and to consider your individual needs. This way it is e.g. possible for you to block all search engines and allow only the one you require.

You can create filter profiles, making it possible for you to assign these rules to individual users or groups and with the use of pause-filters apply a time-base or define exceptions.

Existing categories:

Anti-Spyware/Updates, Job Search, Audio & Video, Banking, Chat & Forums, Data Hosting, Drugs, Adult Content,
Leisure & Vacation, Violence, Gambling, Hacking and Warez, Mobile Phones, Hobby, Mail, News, Online Shopping, Religion,
Social Networking, Games, Search Engines, Virus / Spyware / Dialer, Advertising, Science.

Analysis & Prevention

Have the OctoGate perform a content analysis of the web pages you visited, and filter on the base of a bad words list:
You can specify a threshold value and a list of "bad" words assigning a classification of 1-9. If the values of bad words found on a web page exceed the threshold value, the page will be blocked. We provide you with an extensive list of proven everyday content as guideline.

Secure your search results in advance by letting the OctoGate enforce the SafeSearch Filter of common search engines, to not even find objectionable content in the first place.

The content filter with all its features is part of the basic equipment of all OctoGate-Firewall solutions at no extra charge.