To grant outside access to your own network always involves risks. As an association chairman, café owner, hotel owner or even private individuals, it is nowadays a common practice to offer guests internet access. "Only a quick email" - and the account is hijacked or the contacts stolen. Do you welcome guests that would like to use or need wireless network? Do you provide easy and safe internet access for your guests, without compromising the security of your network? With OctoGuest you permit internet access for your guests via access codes, as well as with different operating times. Indeed, this is the most missed feature. Do you want to remain attractive for many customers, without jeopardising your network? Our content filter protects you and your guests against malicious or inappropriate websites or adult content. With OctoGuest your guests will feel at home, and all that without security vulnerabilities or threats.

A separate area in the network will be created for the guests. The guest PCs are also separate from each other. Accesses by the guests on internal and protected resources and also on to other guest´s Pcs are herewith excluded. Needless to say, we offer this solution with our very simple installation. In compliance with German law, the wireless network platform provider is held liable, even if he commits no violation (Breach of Duty of Care). We offer you a secure and legally perfect guest system, for both the wired network access, as well as the wireless network access. Obviously a record is kept of all the web accesses. In practical terms this means that private individuals who also operate a wireless network just as associations or café owners (wireless network for your guests) do not have to expect any legal issues with this solution. This solution is also provided with our easy installation.

With OctoGuest the following is possible:

  • Complete separate area in the network.
  • Guest access via access code.
  • Access codes with different operating times.
  • Secure and legally perfect guest system.
  • All web accesses are recorded.
  • For wired networks, or for the wireless network access.