Virtual Private Network

Extend your corporate network, enabling for your sales representatives a secure connection or log into the in-house network with their mobile devices. 
With the OctoVPN module of OctoGate you will have access from anywhere and initiate new possibilities in the business communication.

  • Network-to-network linkages with branch offices, field staff and mobile terminals.
  • Highly secure communications with optimal performance.
  • Optional password protection of the VPN tunnel.

The safety of the OctoVPN module is our top priority to optimally protect your important data.

  • Special X.509 safety certificates ensure high standard.
  • TLS protocol with 128-bit encryption encodes data traffic.
  • Alternative protocols PPTP and L2TP are supported.
  • Support for IPsec and OpenVPN.
  • Optional protection by a one-time password generator.

The installation of the VPN module is simple and straightforward.

  • Available for Windows NT up to MS Server 2012 R2 as well as for Android and iOS.
  • The configuration under Windows with the VPN installer is fully automatic.
  • Also available for Linux or Mac OS systems.