Spam Protection

Various features of OctoGate will save you time and nerves, so you can focus again on the essential - and time is money! Our spam protection solution automatically cleans your incoming emails. 

With our Anti-Spam protection, you can monitor completely your email traffic through the OctoGate. All data traffic will be transparently scanned. Before the email reaches the mail server of the actual recipient, junk mail (spam) is detected and marked by using a multi-stage process, filtering the virus-infected emails. Even outgoing emails are monitored for spam or viruses. The OctoGate has the ability to manage existing email servers and to relieve them significantly. Since the filtering mechanisms of OctoGate scan the email traffic, an additional virus scanner on the actual email server can be dismissed. This way, the performance in your network is increased and at the same time costs for an additional virus scanner on the internal email server can be avoided. 

Traditional Anti-Spam protection solutions detect erroneous e-mails
Previous anti-spam protection solutions decide independently whether emails are marked as spam. No distinction is made, as to whether the desired emails are rejected. .

The sender sends along all the relevant information
The special feature we count on, is the problematic nature of incorrect detection and marking. This ensures a reliable, user-friendly and transparent Anti-Spam protection, notifying the sender of the unsuccessful delivery.

Web interface helps inspecting threats 
The OctoGate Spam Protection can perform a quick overview of active threats, due to our clear and simple web interface and helps to examine them through the internal audit function (the so called "four-eye-principle") and to locate and restore a possible internal or external recognition.

Do you have any further questions? Due to our years of expertise and experience in different environments, we are glad to assist wherever we can.