Web Interface

The web interface is the graphical user interface, with which the OctoGate application software is made operable. The web interface is thereby structured very simple and requires no major operational effort. Simple. Secure. Protected are the three elements, on which we placed great importance in the development of the web interfaces. A simple and structured overview of all functions, presented in a comprehensible and practical way for everyone. There is NO time required for training, as our web interface is easy to use.

Using symbols and control elements, the so-called icons and widgets, the following elements can be centrally configured:

  • General overview status 
  • User administration
  • Web filter settings
  • Network configuration
  • VPN / Remote 
  • OctoScan 
  • Guest Voucher systems
  • Reports
  • Wireless controller
  • Other general configurations

Therefore a safe and reliable operation of the OctoGate software is provided.

Even inexperienced users can operate the web interface without difficulty. They do have the option to directly connect with the machine via cable and configure via the command prompt or configure the easy web interface via mouse and keyboard from anywhere. Our web interface also supports the touch panel of Android, Windows Mobile and iOS.