Health Service

Your patients are grateful for any distraction they can get, while staying at your hospital. A fast and secure wireless network makes a significant contribution.

However with all the care, the security for your hospital and for the patients themselves must not be neglected. Therefore the use of OctoGate is advisable to fight off viruses, spam and many other threats.

Protection of the internal network
Obviously the internal hospital network needs special protection towards the patient´s wireless network, so that unauthorised cannot have access.

With little effort the OctoGate-Firewall permits the creation of wireless networks. This allows you to create separate networks. Therefore it is not possible that a patient or any other third person can gain access over the wireless network to the internal hospital network.

Other useful features are:

• You can carry out prioritisations in your network for any especially important devices and workstations.

• You have the option to use multiple internet lines parallel.
• Create your own hospital home page and inform herewith your patients and staff.

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