The IT security requirements are continually on the rise. We cannot escape the technological changes. The internet opens up a lot of possibilities for you to be able to do your work efficiently. But there are countless dangers that threaten your data and those of the citizens. Therefore, it is important that you put the IT and data security into professional hands.

BSI-Basic Protection, ISO 27001 Standards, IT Security Act, Breach of Duty of Care. With the OctoGate-Firewall you meet all these requirements and are on the safe side. Besides the safety, we offer you also an extensive software package that simplifies your work.

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Security Made in Germany
The OctoGate software has been entirely developed in Germany and therefore contains no hidden "backdoors". Your data is encrypted and sealed off, so that only you and authorised persons receive access.

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The OctoGate is used in various administrative districts, media centres and control centres.

Our customers in the public sector include:

  • Landesmedienzentrum Baden-Württemberg
  • Stadt Salzkotten
  • Leitstelle Nord

If you are searching for a trustworthy, affordable service provider, you have successfully found us. Upon request we offer perennial service contracts.