Für unsere Kunden im schulischen Bereich haben wir eine eigene Seite erstellt, in der es speziell um das Thema Firewall an Schulen geht. Hier finden Sie unsere Produkte für den Schulbereich, spezielle Themengebiete, Hilfestellungen und Erklärvideos. Kommen Sie uns hier besuchen!


The digital transformation keeps strengthening its way into the classrooms. Children and young people use the internet not only to play, but use it actively to obtain information.

However, there are a series of dangers:

  • Distraction from lessons
  • Viruses on the school computer 
  • Cyber bullying

The OctoGate protects you and your students effectively against these negative issues..

Content Filter: Set up limits 
You decide which websites your students are authorised to access. This way all users stay focused on the current learning lesson and not succumb to the temptation to do other things.

OctoGroupware: cooperation and availability of files
With the "OctoGroupware" software you develop the collaboration. You can distribute data or tasks to the participants and check the results at a later time.

All data is outside school safely accessible over the OctoGate. As a result the USB flash drives are a thing of the past. This is firstly comfortable and secondly it increases the security of the entire network. USB sticks are one of the most common reasons for virus attacks. From primary school with 10 workstations all the way to university with 2,000 workstations, OctoGate is prepared for all requirements such as compliance with the current legal guidelines (Breach of Duty of Care, IT Security Act) especially for the school system designed Access-Points, protection of the network against hacker attacks, spam and virus infections.

Further advantages of the OctoGate

• Compliance with current legal guidelines (Breach of Duty of Care, IT Security Act)
• Especially for the school system designed Access-Points
• Security of the network against hacker attacks, spam and viruses
• OctoGate is prepared for all requirements,
• From primary school with 10 workstations up to university with 2,000 workstations

The OctoGate is used today in many educational facilities. These include:

  • Bismarck-Gymnasium
  • Gesamtschule Salzkotten
  • Johannes-Kepler-Schule
  • Realschule Walddorfschule

Frequently Asked Questions

Before the schools had opted for OctoGate, we were often confronted with the following statements:

"But there are personal data! If someone can get their hands on it, there will be trouble."
Protection and confidentiality of your data is very important to us. 
You receive the double protection: 
1. All your data is stored in encrypted form. 
2. Unauthorised access is prevented, because the OctoGate-Firewall is connected between the internet and your network.

"It certainly must be a considerable effort to install it."
The installation is very simple. Just connect the OctoGate with your network. Switch on your device and you are ready.

"The OctoGate can do a lot, but this for sure has its price, right?"
We are aware of the budget situation of the schools. Therefore we offer special licenses for schools.

"And who should do the service?"  
We gladly take this on for you (Managed Service). Contact us.
Please call us on +49 5251 18040-50 or send us an e-mail to vertrieb(at)

We will be happy to advise you and elaborate the best solution for you.