Your Advantages from OctoGate


For our OctoGate system, we only employ high quality hardware. By the use of SSD hard drives, powerful multicore processors and sufficient RAM, the failure probability is reduced to a minimum and therefore assures an efficient, fast and secured work environment for you.


With the modular software building blocks we have the possibility to tailor the OctoGate system perfectly to your needs. In addition, our software is a true example of the famous German high class workmanship made in Paderborn.


With the so-called monitoring, where processes in the PC are protocolled, we can see exactly what is going on in your PC. OctoFax is our efficient Fax-software including workflow solution, which helps you to manage and assign your incoming and outgoing faxes as well as structuring and simplifying work processes. Our VPN Client provides a secure connection from outside via a so called tunnel through the internet to your network. It is simple to install and easy to use. The connection can additionally be protected with a token emitter and/or password in order to achieve a maximum of security. With OctoGuest, you can provide your guests and visitors a temporary and secure WiFi-access.


Our support is your personal and direct contact person in our company for all your enquiries and questions about OctoGate. The OctoGate IT Security offers various support types such as e.g. the Update Service, which includes automated updates of all security applications of the OctoGate, as well as free e-mail support. Or you choose the Managed Service, including manufacturer support via phone (office hours 8:30am – 5:30pm), installation support via remote access, hourly, fully automated virus updates; filter updates and regular firmware updates.


With our fully automated updates your OctoGate system is up to date at any time. No need to remember to update yourself. We also stored backups to prevent data loss.


We employ regular Wireless Access Points of several brand manufacturers and are therefore able to offer them cost-efficiently and without any supply bottlenecks. The OctoGate overwrites the old system with our operating system and therefore ensures a maximum of security and immediate operational readiness of the devices.


Using our devices is easy as child’s play, even for inexperienced users. You just need to start the installation routine once with our USB-stick, then connect the stick with the OctoGate and the rest runs by itself. Also, our web interface is kept simple and user-friendly by design.