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OctoGate Virtual Solution

The tried and tested OctoGate hardware solutions are also available to you as OctoGate Virtual. Here you can choose between a VMware or a Hyper-V environment and install the UTM-firewall familiar to you with all options on the scalable hardware designated by you. We offer you licensing volumes of 20 to unlimited users. 

Recommended Professional Company Enterprise
License volumes 20 - 50 50 - 250 250 - 500 - unlimited
RAM 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
Hard drive 40 GB 120 GB 250 GB
Processor 2 Cores 4 Cores 8 Cores
Transparent Virus Protection (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP) incl.
E-Mail Virus Filter (POP3, SMTP) incl.
Workstation Virus Scanner opt.
Spamfilter, trainable incl.
ActiveDirectory, LDAP, Radius Integration opt.
VPN (SSL, IPSec, PPTP) incl.
Port-Firewall-Functionality incl.
Line Bundling incl.
Automated Backups incl.
Hyper V, VMware incl.