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The OctoGate-Firewall does far more than a normal router. It is a union of security and service functionalities. Therefore, OctoGate can be counted as "Unified Threat Management (UTM)"-system. Data protection and IT-security laws require a professional IT. The data of your customers and your company are extremely sensitive and must be protected. In addition, the lawmaker continuously sets tighter restrictions on how to treat personal data and how to operate a public Wi-Fi network (e.g. liability for disturbance)

Therefore, you should not rely on protection mechanisms from the consumer area, but should choose a professional UTM-Firewall so you will always be on the safe side. The OctoGate-Firewall guarantees security, increases user productivity and creates new possibilities.

The professional UTM-Features of the OctoGate-Firewall

Dynamic filtering of the content which can be accessed (Contentfilter)
You define the guidelines, what content categories in the web can be called up from your network. Currently, our database includes 6 million websites and is updated on a weekly basis.
Therefore, your guidelines will always stay current and abuse is prevented.

Maximum Data throughput via Virtual Private Network (VPN)
With VPN you protect your communication. This way, attackers cannot intercept your data traffic anymore. In addition, you can create a secure home office where your employees can comfortably log into company network via a secured VPN-tunnel.

Active, Automated Virus and Malware Defense (Virus Protection via Stateful- & Deep Packet Inspection)
The whole data traffic is continuously intensively analyzed. Harmful data packets are immediately rejected. The Virus Scanner ClamAV employed by OctoGate is automatically updated twice daily.
Therefore, you are always protected from the most recent threats.

Identifying and Repelling Threats (Intrusion Detection System, i.a. Defense against DoS-/DDoS-Attacks and SQL-Injection)
The OctoGate continuously analyses the whole data traffic and is specialized to identify attack patterns as well as suspicious activities. One example are DDoS-attacks. Hereby, your systems are flooded with mass requests with the aim of putting them out of service by capacity overload. In order to prevent such an attack, the respective data traffic is automatically blocked.

E-Mail Spam, Viruses, Malware and Phishing Defense (SPAM Protection, Internet Gateway)
Protect your employees from undesired e-mails costing you valuable worktime. All mails are checked for spam and viruses. Only unproblematic mails are forwarded to the internal E-Mail server or can be fetched directly from the OctoGate via POP3 or IMAP. Click here to learn more about our defense mechanisms.

High Availability, System Stability (high availability, HA) In order to ensure that your network is always available, we recommend to install 2 OctoGates on 2 internet connections. In case of a breakdown of the primary OctoGate, the second OctoGate automatically assumes all functions (Fallback, Spare/Hot-Standby).

Loadbalancing/Multipath Routing
By means of virtualisations, the available resources of your different systems are distributed dynamically according to the current demand. Here, OctoGate supports HyperV and VMware.

Authentification (Secure External Authentification)
For access to your internal web services, OctoGate can provide a user authentification via a LDAP-connection. This may be used for e.g. web based mail services. Ports are only opened for a short period after the authentification and afterwards closed again.

Reporting (according to your individual requirements)
The OctoGate-Firewall can create protocols for configurations, traffic flows, threats, URL-filters, data filters and Host Information Profile (HIP)-matches. The reporting is always closely coordinated with our customers under consideration of the strict data protection regulations and observation of the 4-eyes principle.

What Do You Get::
Highest user satisfaction achieved by security, stability and speed (Quality of Service).
The OctoGate-Firewall in combination with routers and its own operating system offers a strong performance under highest security requirements. All users can always connect fast with the network and have their communication protected.
Furthermore, OctoGate-Firewalls are very reliable and therefore guarantee undisrupted operations.

The OctoGate can do even more!

You have a company of up to 50 employees? We do also have an Exchange-E-Mail-Server for small companies in our portfolio.
Save the licensing fees for a Microsoft Exchange Server and use our web-based OctoGate Groupware.

Your own Cloud – secure and low-priced (OctoGate in combination with ownCloud)
with „ownCloud“ you can run your own Cloud-Server.
Your data is encrypted and safely stored on your hard drives which you have connected to the OctoGate.
This data on the hard drives is from now on accessible for you via the internet.
The access to the data is secured by the OctoGate.
You become independent from third party providers like Dropbox or iCloud.
With a Cloud Server you can synchronise your data, e.g. from a PC or a smartphone via the internet (e.g. presentations, addresses, appointments, documents).
Furthermore, you can provide files for other users.
Facsimile Communication with OctoFax
The communication via facsimile still plays an important role. The optional module OctoFax is a powerful paperless fax solution and extends the functionality OctoGate-Firewall by a fax server feature.
Our data center can assign you an unlimited amount of fax numbers. Incoming and outgoing faxes are managed by OctoFax on the OctoGate. All your faxes are stored 100% encrypted. That means only you have access to the documents. Via a locally installed fax client software each fax user gets access to the multiple

Functionalities of OctoFax:

  • Integration in MS Exchange / Outlook, i.a. address book integration
  • Simultaneous sending of a document as fax and e-mail
  • Bulk fax sending
  • Independently define receiver groups
  • Forward incoming faxes to e-mail adresses
  • Why is a FritzBox not sufficient?

In the previous texts, the range of functionalities of the OctoGate-UTM-Firewall has already been explained in detail.

Directly compared to a consumer router the main advantages are:

  • Active Virus scanner: automatically updated up to 2x daily
  • Content based filtering: you decide which websites or categories are allowed.
  • Safe Search:Filtering of inappropriate and fraudulent search engine results
  • Highest protection level: encryption of your data traffic via IPsec and OpenVPN (SSL-VPN), use of VLANs
  • Hardware performance: only brand name products, internal SSD-hard drive, more RAM, more CPU, longer lifetime

You do already have a firewall in your company? Why switch to OctoGate?  

Besides the extensive range of features, we offer "Managed Service". That means you can reach us 7 days per week. We do always consult you in your preferred language (German or English) via e-mail or phone.

Our promise: 
We will react to ALL of your enquiries and wishes in regard to your OctoGate promptly. No trainings are required. The operation of the OctoGate was designed in such a way that no training is required. The same applies to installation and configuration. And in case you should still have a question, you can always contact us.

Plug’n’Play – let’s go.

Made in Paderborn/ Germany
Our operation system was developed inhouse. It never left our premises. This guarantees that there are no backdoors. 

No Renewal Fees
Other manufacturers usually provide their software license with a limited term of use. We are different, you only buy the product once and in the future you only pay for the service. When you update the OctoGate hardware, you will only pay for the new hardware. But any software you bought will stay valid forever. In spite of the higher service quality, we are among the top 5 in price.