FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is OctoGate?

The OctoGate products are powerful security firewall solutions that protect businesses of all industries and sizes against viruses, spam and attacks from the internet. Likewise, inappropriate content can be blocked by the integrated content filter from the network. In addition, it can be optionally used as a VPN solution.

Who needs OctoGate?

Every enterprise and every company, who´s finances and the security of its network are important, need a firewall.

Hackers, viruses, worms and many other internet parasites can penetrate unnoticed in to your system without the optimum protection of the OctoGate-Firewall and destroy data. Even entire productions and processes can be disrupted and therefore seriously harm your company. Imagine also the image damage that companies would have to accept, because they sent unnoticed viruses via e-mail

What is better with the OctoGate solutions in comparison to others?

We have especially focused the development on the client's interests. Therefore, a product has been created, which has significant advantages to others. The OctoGate-Firewall solutions are not only easy to install, also the updates could not be made easier, because the updates of applications are carried out automatically several times a day and transparently in the background.

Specifically, this means: While no employee of yours has to bother about the security of any threats from the outside, you are all-round protected by the OctoGate-Firewall.

Which operating system is required?

The OctoGate-Firewall is as a hardware solution independent of the operating system you are using. The operation and configuration of the OctoGate are carried out cross platform via a web browser.

Which model is best suited for my requirements?

The OctoGate is available in different performance levels. In our product line you will find models for small businesses, medium-sized companies and municipalities, up to solutions for large corporations.

How can I purchase the OctoGate-Firewall?

The OctoGate solutions are sold through retailers. To find a provider near you, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

Wo finde ich das Handbuch zur OctoGate?

Über Ihren Browser navigieren Sie im Netz hinter der OctoGate zur WebGui über den Browseraufruf octo.octo .

Nachdem Sie sich als Administrator mit dem Benutzer admin und Ihrem zuvor gesetzten Kennwort authentifiziert haben, können Sie über das nun eingeblendete Dropdown Menü mit der Kennzeichnung Downloads▼ das Handbuch beziehen.

Unser Produkt funktioniert in privatem Umfeld aber nicht hinter der OctoGate...

Verschiedene Produkte benötigen hinter der Firewall-Lösung entsprechende Portfreischaltungen, damit diese „nach Hause“ telefonieren können. Die meisten Portfreischaltungen sind im Internet bereits dokumentiert, oftmals auch in den beigefügten Produktunterlagen. Gegebenenfalls müssen Sie auch den Hersteller Ihrer Fremdsoft- oder Hardware kontaktieren, falls Sie die Informationen nicht finden können. Wie man diese in die OctoGate einträgt, wird im Handbuch beschrieben.