Technical Support

The most important for our customers, is to always receive fast and good support, whenever they have a question or a problem.

Our support is customer oriented. We provide you with a support team, which for years has achieved top ratings in terms of competence and friendliness from our customers. Please have your customer number and the serial number of the devices obtained by OctoGate IT Security Systems GmbH to hand, for any necessary inquiries. To achieve here the best possible quality, is always a motivation for us.

Fast assistance is available from our hotline staff.
The hotline is available from Monday - Friday 8:30h to 17:30h on +49 800 7647647 in German language. Or contact the support team via e-mail: support(at) .

For the possibility of support via TeamViewer, please download our TeamViewer Quick Support Client. The download link can be found above under “tele-maintenance”.